5 furnishings that you will find at the Bogentrakt Hostel

We would like to give you a little insight into which furnishings we have already purchased for the Bogentrakt Hostel at the Sennhof Chur and what we intend to use them for. Let's go!

The Fläpps folding furniture
The creative minds behind these versatile products come from Berlin and have created ideal pieces of furniture for micro-living and tiny houses with the Fläpps folding products. Among other things, we will be using the folding tables, shelves, secretaries and wardrobes in the Bogentrakt. Fold out when you need it, fold up when you want more space. It's that simple!

The Curt sofa
The Curt Sofa comes from the same production facility as the Fläpps furniture and admittedly, we don't know exactly where we will put the modular sofa squares yet, maybe at the reception, maybe in the lounge? The squares can be combined into different shapes and are therefore ideal for our hostel. No matter where we will use them.

The Lou Stool
A stool made of sustainable materials that is easy to assemble, robust and beautiful to look at? Ohlala, say no more! The French furniture company Tiptoe produces exactly what we want in our hostel. The Lou stool will soon be in our rooms.

Table legs, wall brackets and wall hooks
From the same French furniture manufacturer as the Lou Stool and made from the same sustainably produced materials. The table legs, wall brackets and wall hooks can be combined individually and will be used in the rooms and lounges, among other places.

Happy Up and Isabelle Night
Swiss quality mattresses in the hostel? In our double rooms you will be able to decide the firmness of your mattress yourself. Are you more of a softie or do you think that only the tough get in'? The Happy Up mattress lets you choose, one side soft, the other medium hard.

In our dorms and family rooms, we rely on the Isabelle Night from Bico. Thousands of Swiss families can't be wrong: the lying comfort of the Isabelle Night is also ideal for our backpacker family.

All mattresses are completely made in Switzerland and are produced only 60km from Chur in Schänis!