5 more prison ho(s)tels that you need to know!

Since our last post about accommodation in former prisons, we have discovered a few more and a few more have been opened. So we are fully in line with the trend ;)

We don't want to keep our new discoveries from you:

1. Hostel Celica - Ljubljana


A former military prison in Slovenia that has been converted into a hostel. Hostel Celica supports local artists, has its own garden and works in a sustainable and responsible way. Just the way we like it.

2. Hotel Wilmina - Berlin


Hotel Wilmina recently opened in the former women's prison in Berlin. It offers a retreat with lots of greenery and an excellent restaurant.

3. Hotel Katajanokka- Helsinki


The Finns can also transform prisons into hotels. Furnished in Nordic style and with a personal service, this prison hotel in Helsinki is convincing.

4. Malmaison - Oxford


The Malmaison in Oxford has a classic "prison hall" with staircase. We are a bit envious.

5. Hotel Fronfeste - Amberg


Here you can also stay in the warden's room, the chapel or the high security cell.