A clearer picture - The December Overview

December was also a month of uncertainty for us. Of course with regard to the current pandemic situation, but also with regard to the upcoming renovations at the Sennhof, which will start soon.

The good thing about uncertainties is that one has to deal with them by necessity and can work out solutions and variants to counter these uncertainties. Fortunately, we are already a bit practised in this and so in December a clearer picture emerged in which direction our hostel will move.

We decided to launch our support club, the Bogentrakt Accomplices, and were overwhelmed by how many sign-ups we have already received. You can find more information about our motives and also about the benefits for the accomplices here.

After that, we decided on the first partnerships and collaborations. We also know, thanks to your help, which mattresses our rooms will have (small teaser: they are completely made in Switzerland).

We have chosen memberships with HotellerieSuisse and Swiss Hostels and we have chosen our staff insurances (at least one insurance segment is already covered).

Our reservation system has been selected and we will be able to start setting up the system in the new year. To make bookings, you will however have to wait until Summer 2022 though.

With the Zentralwäscherei, which is located in Chur itself, we have succeeded in finding a partner for the bed linen, keeping the delivery routes as short as possible and thus also generating local added value.

We had the same goal when looking for a producer for our beds, which are now made by the Pietroboni joinery in Domat/Ems.

In addition, on a guided tour of the Sennhof organised by Chur Tourism, we were able to learn many stories about the prison and its origins, inmates and significance for the city of Chur. We will be able to incorporate some of this into our concept and who knows? Maybe these Sennhof tours can still take place in the future?

So December is a time of new beginnings for us. Are we making the right decisions to face the uncertainties? Thanks to your help we are sure of it!

Thank you very much, best wishes, happy holidays and a happy transition into the year 2022.
Your Bogentrakt-Team