An eye on the future - The September-Overview

Writing about the future in a retrospective is somehow a contradiction, or at least has something "back to the future" about it. But we won't get too abstract here. In September, we were more interested in looking ahead, identifying trends and imagining what the future of the hospitality industry will look like after the pandemic.

We were able to attend the Hospitality Summit, the conference of the Swiss hotel industry, where we got to know products and companies that are pioneering and innovative. But what is also relevant for the Bogentrakt Hostel? Check-in robots are probably a fun gimmick and may also work, but isn't it more likely that our guests in the hostel will appreciate the human touch? Using automation and digitalisation in a targeted way so that the Bogentrakt team can dedicate itself fully to the guest is what we want to focus on in the design of the hostel.

There was a lot of discussion at the Summit about what the future will look like, but that there will be a future in the hotel industry was undisputed. At the Bogentrakt Hostel, we want to make this future as hospitable and personal as possible, make sensible use of digitalisation and automation in administrative processes and bring our guests closer to the destination of Chur in a sustainable way. This all sounds like something freshly borrowed from a business plan, but in the coming months we will show you specific examples of what we mean by this.

Until "Back to the Future" Part 2, so to speak...

Happy travels!
Your Bogentrakt - Team