Art, culture and coffee - The August Overview

It was not so easy to bring all appointments under one roof this summer. Somehow, after a pandemic-induced break, life seems to be slowly picking up again. Fortunately, this can be observed several times in Chur.

Chur could

  • Enjoy the new open-air cinema "Kinoa"
  • Play bad taste bingo at the first Polenta7000 and dance itself dizzy at the day rave
  • Discover young artists from Chur at the city festival-alternative-program "Chur Offa"
  • Experience an animation workout in the open-air swimming pool "Obere Au" like on a cruise vacation
  • Create a meeting place in the former chemistry laboratory at Planaterra11.

There was actually only little time left, but fortunately we were able to make good use of it for the Bogentrakt Hostel in the Sennhof Chur.

We could

  • Get to know Italian coffee machines
  • Taste regionally roasted coffee
  • Take a tour of the Sennhof with updates on the renovations
  • Detail our interior design concept
  • Try out clever space-saving furniture

  • Marvel at super smart hotel locking systems
  • Testing out our future reservation system

  • Eyeball bedding and laundry services

So we were almost as productive in August as Chur was creative and vibrant this Summer. And we promise you it will continue that way.

Your Bogentrakt Team