co2 neutral stays at the Bogentrakt Hostel - How it all works!

Also a result of our survey to you: In the future you can stay at the Bogentrakt Hostel co2 neutral. How this works we explain in this blog post!

Together with myclimate and you, we offset the co2 emissions caused by your stay with us. We also commit to invest a part of the co2 contributions in our sustainability efforts, but check out the process of the "Cause We Care" campaign below.

I care - If you book a stay with us, you voluntarily make a small "Cause We Care" contribution of CHF 1.00 per night. With this you spend the night climate neutral with us.
We care - If you join, we will double your amount and put both contributions into our "Cause We Care" fund.
Cause We Care - From the fund we offset the emissions of your stay with us with myclimate. At the same time, we invest in local carbon offsetting and sustainability measures in our company.

With myclimate "Cause We Care" you achieve double climate protection: globally and locally.

And the best thing is, you even have a say in which carbon offset project your contribution should be used for in the future: We have pre-selected a few projects and they are now available here for voting. Which one would you like? Let us know!