English Version: The backpack is packed and the adventure can begin!

It has been a dream that's been in my head for a while now. Since my return from working abroad in Scotland I have been making plans. In Edinburgh I was working several years for a company that ran hostels and budget hotels and I was part of opening the very first C0DE Pod Hostel. After 3.5 years, a very instructive and good time living and working in Scotland ended, when I decided to move back to Switzerland with a distant goal in mind: I would like to open and run my own hostel!

It had been fascinating to me since my beginnings in the hostel business at JBN Hostel in Chur, Switzerland, how casual the hospitality was in a hostel. But I also wanted to find out whether I could survive in a more traditional hotel manager setting too. So I decided to do a post graduation diploma in Hotel Management after my return from Scotland, while working at Bern Backpackers-Hotel Glocke. Additional knowledge can never be bad and I realised: Whether 5 Star Hotel or Budget Accommodation, everyone cooks with the same ingredients! 

As I heard about the investor competition around the former correctional facility Sennhof in Chur, I could not resist in taking a chance at transforming this prison into a cosmopolitan hostel. I wanted to contribute and create and give back something to my dearly missed hometown. I worked out a business plan and concept for the Bogentrakt Hostel at Sennhof Chur and contacted other initiators around the Sennhof project. The idea to welcome guests at the renovated and transformed prison was met with open arms and now I can announce with joyful anticipation that the Bogentrakt Hostel is going to open its doors for guests all over the world by the end of 2022!

The backpack is packed. It can start. On our project website you will get  regular updates and new info about the progress of the hostel. It is my goal that Chur will get a hostel that does not "just" welcome tourists but is also locally anchored and can play a part in connecting locals with guests from all around the world. You can play a part in it too and can contact me anytime with ideas and thoughts around the project.

Because one thing is clear: I can't do it alone. I am thankful for all the friends and family who have supported and helped me all along. Maybe I can even count you into the Bogentrakt family soon?

Stay curious, subscribe to our newsletter, share on all social media channel! Together we can succeed in this adventure: A hostel in which the world meets Chur and Chur meets the world.

Happy travels!