How much digitalisation is enough? - The September and October Overview

Of course, there was a lot going on at the Sennhof construction site in September, with newly plastered walls, walls broken through, door frames delivered... However, we don't want to bore you with construction site news this month, but with another topic that we are currently dealing with:

How much automation and digitalisation is enough?

We are asking ourselves this question in relation to the personal, individual service we want to offer you in the Bogentrakt Hostel. Is there too much digitalisation? Does the relationship to the guest become more impersonal if you can offer an automated check-in, for example?

We see many positive sides to digital processes. They simplify what are usually tedious steps, such as typing in guests' passport information or programming key cards. But if all this is done automatically: Do we even see our guests anymore?

We have decided to use software that will allow our guests to check in digitally and receive the access code for the room door. In addition, this software offers a guest web app in which we can give individual recommendations for sightseeing in Chur and, if necessary, goodies such as early check-in or late check-out can be purchased. Or maybe in the future we will offer you to extend your stay for a discounted price, as we still have rooms available.

The possibilities are endless but we know that we still want to see you. We want to have a coffee with you or philosophise and discuss the world with you over a beer. Maybe the software will give us the opportunity to do less administrative work and spend more time with our guests. In any case, this is our idea of how digitalisation can help us at the Bogentrakt Hostel in the future.

Be curious. We will open from 01 March 2023!

Kind regards

Your Bogentrakt Team