In the sofa jungle - The March-Overview

We are designing the common rooms and it is tricky. We want to do justice to the historic tower and the round shape of the two lounges doesn't exactly make it easier for us to find suitable furniture.

When you start looking, you realise that there are about a million different sofa combinations and just as many manufacturers. As you can see, we haven't quite made up our minds yet. What is already certain, however, is that there will be a common room to relax in and a work room for a little co-working space for our guests and also for people from Chur who appreciate an uncomplicated opportunity to work.

Besides fighting through the sofa jungle, we started a bit of Instagram and Facebook advertising campaigns in March and it was amazing to see how many people you reach. Marco also filmed a little interview with Dani from the Native Crew including a tour of the Sennhof construction site. Have a look here.

What's next? We will have to make some important decisions in the next 2 months so that we can hopefully start the interior construction in July according to plan. And we have the big rewards for our accomplices in the pipeline. It's worth it to get hold of one of the last complicities!

Be excited!

Your Bogentrakt Team