Sustainable in many different ways

When we decided to create the Bogentrakt Hostel in the former city prison Sennhof in Chur, we also decided that we wanted to be more than just a place to stay in Chur. We decided to make this journey as sustainable and considerate of people and the environment as possible.

The fact that we have now made it to the last projects of the Raiffeisen Futura Sustainability Award confirms that we are on the right track and makes us very happy.

Of course we want to win the prize, because we think it's time for a different, more conscious way of travelling and where would that fit better than in a converted prison?

Together with you, we are bringing freedom back to what used to be the toughest prison in Switzerland. Vote for us now in the public vote on!

We are building the Bogentrakt Hostel at the Sennhof on the following sustainability pillars:

Social sustainability

  • The Bogentrakt Hostel is intended to connect travellers with the locals and to become a place of exchange. To this end, meeting areas will be created that are open to the hostel's guests as well as our neighbours in the Sennhof and the people of Chur. These include the small courtyard behind the Bogentrakt, our common room, the co-working space as well as the guest kitchen and the reception.
  • To connect locals and travellers, guest events are held to give guests an understanding of the Chur lifestyle. The guest events are also open to locals.
  • Our hostel reception serves as a small neighbourhood kiosk for our neighbours in the Sennhof. You can exchange ideas, drink coffee and buy some basic groceries on Sundays in case something is missing at home.
  • We offer our team a fair salary, a modern and open working atmosphere and encourage and support each other. We integrate and participate. The hierarchies will be flat, we all want to learn from each other and divide our work according to our strengths.
  • The whole team should be able to participate and contribute. We communicate transparently and honestly.
  • We are committed to social concerns and prefer to cooperate with companies that share this philosophy.
Ecological sustainability

  • Products from the region are preferred. The added value thus remains in the area and the delivery routes are shortened.
  • Where it is not possible to use regional producers, we look for partners who produce fairly and sustainably, share our values and ensure that the delivery routes are as short as possible.
  • In the Bogentrakt Hostel you can spend the night CO2-neutral. For this, the CO2 emissions that occur during the overnight stay can be compensated. We double the compensation with our contribution and commit ourselves to invest the surplus in sustainability measures in our hostel. Read more about myClimate's "Cause We Care" programme.
  • We recycle and use our resources sparingly. Things are reused before they are thrown away.
  • Sometimes only doing without helps, also for the guest. With us there is no daily room cleaning and therefore no daily linen change. This can be ordered by the guest on request and at an extra charge. We do not have a minibar, air conditioning or TVs in the rooms. We try to work as paperless as possible.
  • We upcycle: Old tables and chairs from the prison are given new life, the prison doors are kept and refreshed, the washing machines from the prison laundry now wash guest laundry.
  • We are connected to the district heating network of the city of Chur. Ideal conditions for an environmentally friendly supply of electricity and heat.
  • We encourage our guests to travel by public transport. There are no parking spaces at the Sennhof, and Chur is the ideal starting point for train or bicycle journeys anyway.
  • A garden is to be created in the small courtyard where our guests and neighbours can contribute to more biodiversity.
  • We want to encourage our guests to travel more ecologically by raising their awareness. The focus is on a longer stays and a realistic view of life in Chur.
Economic sustainability

  • Our services are offered at a fair price. You should never pay too much or get too little for your stay.
  • We work efficiently and use digitalisation and automation in a targeted manner so that we can personally spend more time with our guests.
  • We cooperate with other companies. It's easier together, no one can do it alone.
  • Our team is always informed in detail and transparently about the economic situation of our business. This enables us to make joint decisions about the continued existence of the Bogentrakt Hostel.
  • We also advocate for our concerns and values in regional tourism and hotel associations.
  • Our business activities are geared towards long-term success. After all, we want as many guests as possible to have a good time in Chur.
So much for our principles and values. For all those who prefer tangible actions instead of words, below are a few examples of how we are already putting the values above into practice:

  • The Bogentrakt Hostel is part of the "Cause We Care" programme of myClimate and thus you can enjoy a CO2-neutral overnight stay with us.
  • Our beds are made by the local carpentry Pietroboni.
  • The Zentralwäscherei in Chur supplies us with fresh, clean bed linen according to ecological standards, with the minimum of delivery distance.
  • On our website, the locals can vote on decisions regarding the design of the hostel.
  • We have created the Bogentrakt accomplices: 100 supporters, mostly from the Chur region or with a strong connection to the region or the hostel, who help us to realise our vision and remain true to our values.
  • Our beauty and hygiene products are refillable and no disposable products are used. The shampoos and soaps are 100% natural, vegan and made in Switzerland. Part of the purchase price we pay for the products goes to Trash Hero World, which is dedicated to the fight against plastic waste.
  • We are members of industry associations such as Swiss Hostels and HotellerieSuisse and are actively involved there.
  • All our mattresses are completely Swiss made, durable and manufactured by Bico/Happy in Schänis just 65km away.
  • Other versatile pieces of furniture come from partners in our neighbouring countries. From France, from TIPTOE or from Germany from Ambivalenz, both of which share our values in terms of sustainability.

And of course there is still a lot in the pipeline. Many partners and products have not yet been selected. So you can stay curious to see how we will continue to incorporate our values into the design of the hostel. The best thing is to see for yourselves. From the beginning of 2023, the Bogentrakt Hostel at the Sennhof Chur will open its doors to guests from all over the world.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your Bogentrakt-Team