The Bogentrakt Accomplices - Creating a hostel together

It's more fun together! This is also and especially true for hostels. Since we have set ourselves the goal of making the Sennhof accessible to everyone and offering both the local population and travellers an authentic experience at the Bogenrakt Hostel, we want your support!

We have the following idea in mind: A supporters club, the Bogentrakt Accomplices. Limited to 100 people. With a one-time support contribution of CHF 100.00 (roughly EUR 95).

Your support contribution...

...helps us to cover the costs incurred during the planning phase.
... enables us to invest our full start capital in the furnishing and remodelling of the hostel.
...anchors the hostel in the local community.
...offers you numerous benefits and advantages. you the opportunity to help shape the Bogentrakt Hostel.

As a Bogentrakt accomplice you benefit from the following advantages...

...overnight accommodation during the test phase.
...invitation to the opening of the hostel.
...Early Bird vouchers at reduced prices. participation in various guest events.
...discounts on products from our hostel partners.
...discounts on overnight stays or guest rooms.

Are you interested? Have you always wanted to become a hotel investor? Or do you think our idea is completely stupid?

Tell us what you think! If we receive 30 positive responses, we will start our small crowdfunding campaign in December, as a Christmas present, so to speak! We are excited and look forward to your complicity ;)