The renovations started - The February-Overview

The renovations of the Bogentrakt have started. Where in January there was still a desolate prison atmosphere, we will now be building our Bogentrakt Hostel within half a year. We are only involved in the background of the basic renovations, which are being done by the owners, but we are still allowed to look in from time to time and give you updates. You can already find a few pictures on the website. The first openings have been made, the first bars have been removed from the windows and we have decided to follow your wishes: The cell doors will stay in and will be used as room doors.

We were also able to place the first orders and let's put it this way: our guests will not have to sleep on the floor. That's already taken care of. At the moment we are setting up our reservation system so that we will be able to make bookings for the summer and we continue to test furnishings for the hostel. At the moment stools, folding shelves and tables, lamps and coat hooks.

The plans for the studios and the rooms of the decentralised cultural centre are becoming more and more concrete and we will hold the first meetings with people in charge to discuss the cooperation. In addition, we are still waiting with bated breath to see who will then become our new neighbours in the restaurant in the Sennhof.

Phew... Something happened in February. And yes, the newsletter is a little late, but in our defence: In February we simply missed 3 days compared to "normal" months. Did we forget something?

Exactly: We were able to welcome another third of new accomplices in February. If you want to become an accomplice now, you have to be quick! Hopefully we will soon be able to welcome a little more than 33 accomplices on board.

See you soon and busy greetings

Your Bogentrakt - Team