The start into our opening year - The January-Overview

Now it's here, 2022: Our opening year. We are beginning to feel it. The anticipation, the tension, the big and important decisions we now have to make, the small uncertainties that still remain. It's difficult to put this feeling into words.

All the nicer that we no longer feel so alone. Since our last review, we have already welcomed over 50 accomplices on board our little adventure. And the trend is rising. So if you still want to support us, you can do so here:

In January, we did a bit of drawing of the rooms and decided on various furnishings in the rooms. The renovation work will start soon and we have been advised by several suppliers to place the orders early enough so that we don't have to deal with delays in delivery.

And yet there is still a little time left for the preparations. The interior work, which we will take over as tenants in the Sennhof, is scheduled for July, August and September, so that we can hopefully celebrate our opening in October 2022. We hope, of course, that the schedule can be kept and that there will be no delays. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Here's to a successful 2022,
Your Bogentrakt-Team